Smart campaigns for small businesses

If you have also been struggling to get your business up and recognized by the others then we believe smart campaigns is one of those tools which you need along with digital agency Abu Dhabi. It is a tool introduced by Google to help you excel in your marketing venture and promote the business on Google. Here are a few features of the app which can come in handy when you are just starting off.

  • Mobile sign in

Smart campaigns are now available even on mobile through app which makes the log in process easier. This way you don’t have to wait hours and hours before getting your ads up and running in fact, you can start marketing right on the go. It is currently available in a wide number of countries so get in touch with your chosen provider of SEO services in UAE to find out how you can use it for your benefit.

  • Stand out on Google Maps

Google maps seem to be an extremely useful tool especially when one needs to find directions, but Google maps also got a recommendations section which helps you find nearby places ranging from restaurants to salons and anything else. If your business gets promoted on Google Maps and pops up as suggestion, you are sure to get some views. They have also got updated payment options which will surely come in handy for small businesses.

  • Easy access to the account and performance views

Checking the performance of an ad has always been a nuisance but with the smart campaigns tool, now you can directly view your add through the browser or search engine. Simply go to the Google’s search engine and type in Google Ads and it will show your current campaign and how it’s performing. It will also give you a quick access to its preview and help you see which features are available more for its helping.

  • Customization controls

A lot of times, businesses are not able to find the keywords that they’re looking for and luckily, Google seems to hear them. They have introduced an option of themes where you can type in your product or your service’s theme and then sift through the lot of keywords which is available. You can obviously add and remove keywords which aren’t needed. This will give you a precise reach to the audience and easier approach.