Check these factors before hiring cleaning services

Iranian carpets are very thick and strong in their nature and it is not easy for everyone to clean them and especially if the carpet is big then you will get a lot of trouble in cleaning that while you are doing it alone. You need to have some assistance in this regard and there is a better assistance is to hire the Iranian carpet cleaning Dubai Company and get your work done. They will either send their workers to clean it at your place if you have bigger space at your home or they will take your carpet to their own place or clean that there. It is better to send the carpet to them if you do not want your place to get the dirt all over and also they have latest machinery at their office which will clean the carpet more easily and deeply. If you have an office and have no carpets there but still you need to get rid of all the bacteria around so you have to hire office disinfection services Dubai. Sometimes people will think that spraying the disinfectant solution is just enough for cleaning but it is not true and you have to hire professional services for that. You need to check these things before hiring any cleaning service:

You need to see their demo work and heck what they are doing in their working hours. You can also get this demo by doing the work of any other client, which is preferred by most of the companies and also you will get the demo by providing you a video of their previous work which they have done for any client. If they are showing you the video then see closely and check whether they have the same workers in their office or they are showing you video of someone else’s work.

If you trust them by sending your carpet to their place then it is necessary that you first check about their insurance policy about the damage of customer’s product. There are many companies that are having this deal with the insurance company that if they accidently damage the client’s product then they insurance company will compensate the client according to the condition of the carpet and the damage done to that. You will get something in return of your loss.