Why hire domestic help?

Life in the UAE can be hectic and busy, and when you are living in the capital of the UAE, it is doubly so. No matter if you are a foreign exchange student, a tourist, a paying guest, a working professional or a housewife, it is impossible to keep up with the hefty demands of city life. You need a maid or cleaning assistant to manage your busy routine and not become a work zombie.

It is good to be productive and active. However, it is another thing to become a workaholic and have no time for yourself, your friends and your family. Don’t be arrogant and hire domestic help.

What is a good domestic help?

Instead of taking any chances, try to get in contact with certified agencies that do a thorough background check on the people before hiring them. This way, you and your family are out of danger. You have someone to reach out to in case of any mishaps, and your staff also has a legal representative. There have been countless incidents where people have suffered from financial, legal and physical danger by hiring unwarranted staff.

How can domestic help assist you?

Domestic help is a good way to create job opportunities for people. This way the people can improve their standard of living and support their families too. Domestic help is such a lucrative field that many agencies offer specialized staff for specific jobs. For example, if you have kids, you can hire a chauffeur to drive them to and from school. If you have a garden, you can hire a gardener to tend to your plants. If you have a huge mansion, you can hire sofa cleaning in Abu Dhabi too!

What are your responsibilities towards your staff?

Domestic help is often subjected to mistreatment and unfair behavior. It is your social and legal responsibility to look after your domestic staff as your equals. Let them perform their duties, pay them on time, share your joys with them on special occasions, give them leave on holidays, and be generous towards them as much as possible. A little act of kindness goes a long way.

If you see any injustice, you also must report it to proper authorities. Keeping silent in the face of injustice is equal to taking part in it. To find out more, Check here for the United Arab Emirates Domestic Worker’s Rights Bill.