The Church Village is the ideal location for anyone searching for a place where to celebrate any kind of private event, in any period of the year and for a perfect effect.
Its versatility, the internal halls, the beauty of the outdoors, the strategic position and the comfort of a large parking space will amaze you.

The space dedicated to the events is made up of a 1000 sq. area divided in three different halls: Sala Via dei Condotti (414 sq.), Sala La Rambla (367 sq.) and Sala Carnaby Street (200 sq.) representing the ideal space for any kind of entertainment.
A spacious central foyer for reception activities joins the three halls.

A paved and covered terrace completes the offer. Surrounded by the gardens and the charming historical building here it’s possible to organize extremely nice and special summer events.

The very customizable spaces can host several kinds of events, such as fairs, exhibitions, convention, parties, congresses and expo. Almost all the spaces have a natural lighting and are equipped with the best technologies.

The Church Village collaborates with Equoevento, Onlus that redistributes leftover food from events to charitable canteens, foster homes and needy people.