10 interesting facts about Content Marketing

Scroll down to see why content is king and what are some of the interesting facts about content marketing!

  1. There are 74 percent chances to get better results in bloggers update their old posts and blogs. According to statistics, updating old posts can boost traffic up-to 402 percent. However, 55 percent of the bloggers use this technique.
  2. If you invest six hours a week on content marketing, around 91 percent of marketers will say that traffic is increased on internet.
  3. The first priority of the bloggers is to create strategies that result in traffic and success of the brand.
  4. Content marketing is not about creating content and sharing it in social circle. It needs a set of skill to be a content marketer. You need to master in promotion, leadership, content creation, strategy building, subject matter expertise and metrics to get results and traffic.
  5. According to 82 percent of the marketers, there is positive ROI because of their blogs.
  6. Content is kind. Stats shows that 68 percent of the consumers have good image of the brand if they read the content of that brand.
  7. There are two kinds of marketers, B2B marketers and B2C marketers. Study shows that more than 91 and 86 percent B2B and B2C marketers use the techniques of content marketing to get audience.
  8. There are two main kinds of content marketing, documented content maketing and undocumented content marketing. Study shows that 30 percent of the organizations use documented content marketing while 42 percent use undocumented content marketing.
  9. 88 percent of the B2B marketers in North America insert the strategies of content marketing in digital marketing to double the effect and get more audience easily.
  10. Study shows that content marketing can generate 85 percent of new leads, 84 percent sales and 78 percent nurture leads. That’s why the companies use this kind of marketing.

So, these are 10 interesting facts about content marketing. Content always rules the world. In past, words rules that were printed in books or shown in papers but now the words that we see on sites and apps are ruling the world. Words have power and it will remain. That’s the reason why branding agencies in UAE and branding companies in Abu Dhabi are hiring content writers and content generators to boost the companies and their clients’ brands.