5 steps to become a life coach

Besides psychology and mentoring, life coaching is booming nowadays. After all, everybody wants to be a successful person and have a life like capitalists that come in the news every day while having successful marital relations with their partner and better relations with parents. Yet, many want to become a life coach in UAE. There are five basic steps to be a life coach. Scroll down to know the steps!

Choose a Niche:
After deciding to become a life coach, choose the niche or what kind of life coach you want to be. If you are expert in guiding people how to maintain their weight and diet, then health life coaching is made for you but if you want to assist people to prosper financially in their lives then be a finance coach. Thus, you can be a mental coach, career coach or spiritual coach as well. 

You cannot be a sophisticated and professional life coach if you not do have a certification or degree. Therefore, you should enrol yourself in certified programs that can certify that you are a life coach. Many companies and schools have courses that can give you a degree of a life coach. All you have to do is to spend money on any one of them and get a certificate. Yet, the course should have a credential. It is better to spend $5000 and do a course that can give you a certification from the International Coaching Federation or ICF.

Build startup:
After doing a course and attaining certificate, you have two options to coach people. You can be part of any life coaching organization or you can build your startup. If you do not have enough money to open a store or rent a shop, then build startup online. All you have to do is to make page and account on Facebook and Instagram respectively and update it regularly. Initially, you can coach your siblings if they are younger or if they need help and update about it on your accounts to increase traffic and build engagements. 

Business and Marketing Plan:
Making an account and page is not enough. A person has to craft a business and marketing plan to get clients and earn money from the sessions. You can watch some videos know to get some guidelines about social media marketing and social media strategy to win the audience and get some money. 

Working plan:
first three months will be dedicated to successful marketing. After marketing, make a working plan of how you would work with your clients. Decide whether you will go to their place or they would come to your home. Moreover, prepare questionnaire or questions you would ask them or hand them to know them. It will lessen the pressure and tension. Besides, it will show you an organized and professional man or woman.