How are Wallpapers Different from Murals?

Both wallpaper and wall mural are made by painting words or letters on the wall, however wall murals tend to be considered to be an excellent option for larger rooms while the wallpaper is usually preferred for small rooms.

How to Select a Wallpaper for Home?

Step 1: When selecting home wallpaper in Dubai, many homeowners will look at various photos or artwork that matches the style of their existing wallpaper or wall mural. Aesthetically, most homeowners like to have matching colors in both their wall mural and their wallpaper.

Step 2: There are several different types of mural designs available today, ranging from simple phrases to abstract designs and everything in between. Wallpaper, when selecting it for your home, should be selected to compliment the overall design of the room and not clash with it.

Murals Vs Wallpapers

Wall murals can either be hand painted or oil-based. Wallpaper can be applied by a professional artist, whereas a mural painting can be created by individuals at home using an oil paint set. Oil wall paints have many advantages over the other types of painting, including conservation and cleanliness. Wallpaper tends to fade over time due to heat and sunlight. With an oil painting, there is little fading and no damage caused by sunlight or heat.

Types of Murals

Tile Murals Wall: mural painting murals have become more popular since the 1900s. These are smaller murals that are installed on the wall in tiles that have been painted in a pattern. The use of this type of wall art has been especially popular since the 1900s. Tile murals are very affordable and can be customized for any style or taste. Tiles that are pre-painted in certain styles will work with this type of painting technique.

Plaster Wall Murals: Using a plaster wall mural is another option for decorating large scale murals on the wall. Plaster wall murals can be made at home from a variety of materials. Homeowners can purchase wall plasters from local retailers in three basic finishes. These finishes are: pebble, plaster and brushed nickel.


These wall murals can be made using wallpaper that contains small diamonds or sparkles. Homeowners can create this type of wallpaper by purchasing wallpaper that contains metallic borders in various colors. These wall coverings can be used to create this type of wallpaper using an adhesive that contains small dots. When creating four walls wallpaper, it is important to ensure that there is enough spacing between the four walls.