How does bullet proof glass work?

Bullet proof glass was invented in 1909 by a French chemist named as Edouard Benedictus. His first research was not that much successful because it was a first try but with time and advancement the concept of bulletproof glass windows became successful. The first ever car which was installed with bullet resistant glass was Al-Capone’s Cadillac in 1928. 

Bullet proof glass are used in various sectors. Actually, bullet proof glass has a resistance of bullet. There is no such thing as full bullet proof. Because the bullet comes with a speed and power. The bullet proof glass actually absorbs the energy of the bullet in itself and spreads the energy into sideways. By this concept the glass resists the bullet and becomes less shattering or broken. The ordinary glass shatters because there are no layers behind the glass to absorb the energy of bullet. When the bullet hits the glass. The glass loses its force against the bullets energy and gets shattered into pieces. This bullet proof glass is a simple physics concept.

The bullet proof glass is very different to ordinary glass. Firstly, the bullet proof glass is bullet resistant. Secondly this bullet proof glass is created with many layers of plastics. Then there is a strong layer of polycarbonate, this plastic is the toughest among all the plastics. These layers are installed up and down like sandwich and are known as laminate. The thicker the glass is the heavier it will get.

Bullet proof glasses comes in various shapes and sizes. They are used in many different purposes. Some bullet proof glasses are used in banks nowadays. In windows of cashiers they install these bullet proof glasses for safety. Many celebrities acquire these services from glass companies to provide them best bullet proof glasses.  The American president travels in a bullet proof car for safety and security. 

There is a company who promote their glass in a very different way. They put 250,000 USD in a rack which is covered with bullet proof glass. The person who breaks the glass gets the chance to take all the money. Many people tried but they got unsuccessful.

Drivers in bullet proof glass cars struggles a lot. Because the light doesn’t gets the way to pass the reflection which can cause visibility issues for driver and it is sometimes dangerous for driver and the passengers.