How to start canvas painting?

There are a lot of ways to start painting like you can start by sketching fist or you can get kits of paint by numbers from art Dubai stores online or form physical shop as there are many of them. But the main way of starting painting to go further in this field should be with complete research and practice. You have to get all the supplies needed in that and then you have to tart paining. You will get all of the essential items from art stores and then here is a complete guide to start paining on the canvas:

Peaceful place:

To start any kind of art you need a peaceful place where you can think creatively. There should be no distraction in that area like you should not see or watch any TV series with that because it will divert your mind from the creative mode to the entertaining mode and you will not get the desired results from your painting process.


You need to prepare the place where you are going to start painting. If you are dedicating a corner of your room for that then you have to make sure that there will be ample space for you to move easily around your canvas and also you have to keep a sheet or two so that you can save the adjacent areas from getting paint splashes or accidental paint split otherwise you will be in a big trouble and spend a lot of time in cleaning that.

Set canvas:

You need to select that which size of canvas will be best for you. At the beginning you can start with smaller canvases and there will be no need to get an aisle for that and you can just put that on the table to paint it. You can smaller size wooden canvas for your table where you can put your canvases.

Create background:

It is essential that you have to prepare the background of your canvas and for that you have to use primer of good company. Most of the times the canvas you get from stores are primed already but you can have another layer of it to make it more favorable area for painting. It will cover all the pores of canvas sheet allowing you to paint smoothly and get desired colors.