Priceless Things Found in Storage Units

There are many of us who love to buy expensive things. And if you do, then you are the eye candy of many robbers and bounty hunters because they know that you are too any expensive person and that expensive thing is more than the life to you. People buy all sorts of things from cars to gold, from guns to guitars, from paintings to even furniture. There are people who have such Hi-Fi security in their homes that they have no issue for keeping the expensive things at home. But there are many of us who are fond of buying expensive things but don’t have that much of expenses to get guard and outstanding security cameras. So, if you are one of those people and you always keep your expensive things near you and you know that you are an easy target of many people, then you definitely need different storage solution in Dubai or at least a self storage service. You must be wondering what is that? Well, these are the types of rooms that are highly secured and you can keep all of your stuff in it. But there had been many times when people keep expensive things in it and they die and they don’t leave a will, then that is the time of the bidders to get them and there had been some very lucky bidders and they found the following things;

  1. A person found a bunch of old photos and little did the bidder know that these were very pricy photos. Because these were the photos of Original Amelia Earhart and each of the photo was of 1000 dollars and, in the photo was a woman Amelia who was a pilot who flew the plane around the world in 1937 and these were very clear photos of her.
  2. Another bidder found some signed documents and he did not know that these documents were originally signed by the Herbert Hoover and these were invitation that was given by the president to people and each document costed 10,000 dollars each.
  3. A person found a piano. This person thought that it was an old and broken piano but when he found out that it is a rare Marshall and Wendall piano that costed 12,000 dollars.