The Importance of Windows

There are different factors and aspects of a home. There are different parts of house that make a home. You will never see a home that has no doors and you have never seen a house that does not have windows a well.

What if you see a house without windows, it will sound scary and it will look scary as well. as you don’t know what is going on inside. Even though you cannot and must know see what is going on inside a home which has windows, but still if something bad is happening in a home and we have to report it, then we are only able to see them via windows.

If you are about to develop a home and you have designed each and everything and now you want windows and something has made you tick to know more about windows. Then we suggest that you keep reading below because here, we have mentioned the benefits and importance of windows in your home;

  1. The first reason is that you don’t want the walls to look at you the whole time. If you don’t have windows in your home, your home will look scary from the inside.
  2. Sunlight is very important for us and it gives us vitamin D as well. and if you had windows or at least huge windows, then you will be getting free and natural vitamin D. and if you have plants at home, they will need their food as well and that is sunlight.
  3. The home will be airy. You will be shocked to know that even the non living things air to stay in their actual form. You can test it yourself, take a wooden chair and place it in a place where there is no air or the best thing you can do is wrap it with plastic wrap and keep it away from sunlight and you will see that it will start to have mold build up and different things on it.
  4. The next reason is that they provide security as well. if your God forbid that your house catches fire, you will have a window to escape from home as well.

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