Types of stackers

A warehouse stacker is a type of warehouse stacking equipment that is used to lift and move pallets and palletized goods.

Pallet stackers are available for purchase in the material handling business nowadays. Load stackers are clearly a less expensive option than trucks or other heavy industrial hand tools.

Now let’s quickly move onto the types of stackers

  • Standard Manual Stacker: The simplest and cheapest warehouse stacking equipment is manual stackers. It includes of a hydraulic pump that can manually pump the handle to hoist pallets. The manual pallet stacker can raise up to 1500kg of warehouse equipment, in addition to its easy lifting mechanism that can be simply controlled by its handle.
  • Manual Platform Stacker: The platformed manual stacker is a stacking machine that can lift warehouse pallets up to 1.5 meters from the ground. The platform stacking equipment is not only light-weight, but also easy to move and suited for small hallways. A lifting table, overload protection, a removable platform plate, and a folding foot pedal are among the additional features. Furthermore, it facilitates and speeds up the lifting of warehouse objects weighing up to 400kg.
  • Self-lifting stacker: Is it necessary for your company to transfer things in transit on a regular basis? You’ll love the self-lifting stackers.

This is due to its unique self-lifting mechanism, which allows it to be simply and quickly carried into your vehicle. The self-lift stacker is extremely light due to this characteristic, yet it can hold up to 500kg of materials.

  • Semi electric stacker: The semi-electric stackers are developed to travel through narrow aisles over short distances. The semi auto stacker is easy to use and has a smooth operation in addition to its efficiency in restricted spaces.
  • Electric Platform Stacker: The motorized platform stacker is perfect for smaller warehouses because of its quick operation, light weight, and great lifting ability. The electric platform pallet stacker has a lifting table and a hydraulic motor system that can raise weights up to 400kg to 1.5m heights. The simple platform stacking equipment will significantly reduce warehouse downtime.

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