Ideas for 3d printing

3D printing is a technology in which three dimensional objects are made from digital 3D models for CAD models. It can help in all sectors of business, architectures, medical institutes and Automotive industries are using 3D printing. Here are some 3D printing service and business ideas for sterilization gates:

  • Kupol has revolutionized bike helmets. Their 3D designers used additive manufacturing technology. They have created a bike helmet that is made by 3D Technology. You can make many prototypes by 3D printing. All you have to do is change the 3D model of your product on the software and after that print your 3d file. It is a cheap process and one can mass produce the product.
  • An eye wear company called netlooks is using additive manufacturing technology to produce customised frames for their customers. The goal of the company is to satisfy the customer and give them an experience that compliments craftsmanship and also so give a modern trendy look. In this way work is done faster and less time is spent on the development of product.
  • 3D printing is also being used in automotive industries. Volkswagen is using 3D technology to produce tools. They are saving a lot of money by using additive manufacturing technique. Custom tools are made by this convenient method. It is much cheaper than traditional tool manufacturing technique.
  • Procter and gamble are a company that is working on additive manufacturing technique to lower their cost and to find solutions of their problems and improve the business strategies.
  • GaĆ«tan Le Penhuel is an architectural brand in Paris. They are also using additive manufacturing techniques to make a prototype of the building they want to build. Such models are used to give an idea to the investor. High level of detailing can be given in a very short period of time. Each aspect of the building is materialized in a solid shape to make a model.
  • Octobre71 is accompany of eyewear. They make light glasses and customised glasses by using additive manufacturing technique. Other than that, this technique can also be used to make customised jewellery and shoes too.
  • Valpotim is a property development company. They use the 3D technology to build a mini of houses for their clients. Clients who are looking to buy by new place. By looking at Mini models we can already I can feel that they are already living in their place even before having keys.