What Can Happen if You Dance too Much?

There is a saying that too much of anything is bad for health. Some people don’t realize that and that is why some scientists did an experiment to make people understand and we are explaining it to you here.

What they did was that they took a box and filled one portion of it with sugar and then added some ants. It was a huge box and there was just an airway for them to breathe and other than sugar it was nothing to be found for drinking and eating.

The ants at the beginning of some days were happy and gay but when the time passed they start to climb to walls of the container. Why you do think that they are doing this, well, this is because they don’t need air, they need some other thing to eat as well.

Just to make sure that the ants needed to change their taste buds, they put a piece of cooked chicken and the whole lot of ants forgot about the sugar and then ate the piece of chicken and which clearly meant that any human or any species cannot survive on one thing.

And at the end of experiment, they saw that some ants had died as well by eating a lot of sugar. So, even if you have a passion then you need to take is slow and see that if a thing is affecting your health now then you need to stop it.

If you are passionate about dancing and you have just joined the hip hop classes in Dubai and you are dancing way too much then we suggest that you take part in the drama classes in Dubai as well and read our post because here we have mentioned that what happens when dance too much;

  • It can effect on heart: since it is a kind of thing that requires a lot of effort, then it clearly mean that it can effect on your heart as well. and history has seen many dancers that had a cardiac arrest while they were dancing.
  • Effect on Feet: your feet are everything and that is why if they get any kind of issue like in the muscles and bones, then you won’t be able to walk anymore or do about anything.