Facts About Mental Health

People say that you should follow your heart but the heart just pumps the blood and alone it cannot even do that, that is all done on the command on brain. So, it is the brain that controls you or you control the brain. The game between the controlling of brain and the brain controlling is a myth and a puzzle that leave scientists and neurologists stunned, because only the 13% of the brain is explored and the rest is undiscovered. Which means the scientists or any expert still don’t know that what humans are capable of and if someone uses 100% of their brain, different myths says that that human can become immortal. But we still cannot say anything right now because we haven’t reached that level.

People say that children at early age don’t suffer from any kind of trauma but the fact is that the most famous of the serial killer’s stories say that they have seen something bad at their childhood, most of them faced assault and abuse. And this led them with a disturbing childhood and a bad growing age. Some kids were bullied at school or college and then they couldn’t go back to their normal lives. So, if you have a child or seen a child who is showing different attitude, take him/her to a therapist or have a talk with them. There are many people who say that mental health issues don’t affect them. For example, you are a police officer and you have been a gun brawl, you have seen your partner get a hit or you might have taken a head shot and you say that nothing is wrong with you. But that is where you are wrong, there are different traumas that your mind goes through and puts a wall to block these traumas just to make you feel normal. But if you don’t talk to anyone right after this bullet rain, this will show later affects in the old age, you will have difficulty in sleeping or you will be having nightmares and that can lead to different mental health issues.

People also have a misconception that those people are violent and aggressive who have mental health issue but the fact is that some of the most smiling faces have taken their lives because mental health issues are like hidden cancers.